About us

Transition Keynsham is a group of local people who are taking positive action to improve our community and environment.

We do this by tackling issues that affect us all, such as high food and energy prices, the deterioration of our environment due to waste and rubbish, and an increasingly commercialised childhood.

We also believe in learning how to become more self-reliant and fix rather than replace things, so we run a number of initiatives to enable the community to share skills and exchange tips and ideas.

We work through Action Groups and Initiatives. Each one deals with specific issues even though they also interact. Anybody is welcome to join in and contribute to any of these groups and initiatives.

We are all normal people with jobs and families, so help and support is always appreciated. Why not contact us to see how you can help?

Transition Keynsham is part of the international Transition Network.

Transition Keynsham – A community growing a resilient, sustainable future.