Action Groups and Initiatives

Transition Keynsham works towards making a positive difference in our Community through a series of Action Groups and Initiatives. If you would like to get involved in any of these please get in touch!


Food Group

  • Interested in eating local produce, growing your own, gardening, sharing and learning skills to improve wildlife locally? Then this is your group.
  • Current projects include: Community plot in the park, Wellsway wildflower patch, garden share scheme.
  • Email to find out when the next meeting is happening.

Energy Group

  • For those of you who are interested in reducing consumption, saving money and more sustainable energy production.  Helping local community groups to save money and resources.
  • Current projects include: setting up a sustainable energy company using resources within Keynsham, for example solar and hydro.  Advising community groups on ways to reduce energy consumption for their buildings.
  • Email Mark, to find out when the next meeting is happening.


  • For those of you who are interested in getting your children to play outdoors away from gadgets and screens, to learn about and respect their natural environment and to grow up in a more caring and friendly community.
  • Current projects include: Wild Play Sessions during school holidays, Toy Exchange Project, ‘Playing Out’ (street play) sessions.
  • Email or visit

Wombles and 3R Group

  • Hate litter, waste and loath plastic bags? Then you need to get in touch.
  • Current projects include: The Wombles, a clan of over 20 Wombles who regularly litter pick an area local to them in the town.  Project zero, households working towards zero non recyclable waste.
  • Email Orinoco, to find out when the next meeting is happening.



Stitch and bitch

  • Meeting monthly the group shares skills, advice and tea.
  • Current projects include: Bunting, knitted Wombles and a massive blanket…
  • Email Erica, to find out when the next meeting is happening.



Core Group

  • The core group is made up of members of each of the working groups. They meet regularly to share how projects are going with the whole of TK.  They manage fundraising and marketing as well as connecting to other transition groups locally to share ideas and advice.
  • The core group also run a stall at the monthly Keynsham Farmers Market, sharing what we are doing with the community. If you would like to help us with the stall you would be most welcome, please get in touch. And if you come in to the Farmers Market next time pop in to say hello!

Marketing Group

  • We are looking for people to help us to update this website and publish out monthly newsletter – get in touch to know more!