Fracking in B&NES, Political parties unite


A really interesting article has been published on the ‘this is bath’ website:

Councillors from all political parties have united to voice their opposition to fracking in Bath and the surrounding area.Members of Bath and North East Somerset Council met last night to discuss the potential threat of the controversial gas extraction method. They voted to support a motion calling for the local authority to take an in-depth look at the evidence surrounding fracking and what can be done to protect the local area…

You can view the full article here.

If you would like to find out more about the potential of fracking and coal bed methane extraction in Somerset please vist the frack free somerset website:


Frack Free February

At the end of 2012 UK Methane withdrew their plans for coalbed methane exploration in Keynsham. See press release about this here.

They have stated they will instead be submitting an application for full shalegas production somewhere within their PEDL (Petroleum Exploration & Development Licence).

We’ll be ready and waiting…..

Whilst we’re waiting we (as in Frack Free Somerset) are planning a fantastic line-up of events throughout February .

Frack Free February will be a Month of Action in Somerset with public meetings, talks, stalls, workshops, actions and more all raising awareness about the threats to our communities and the bigger picture of extreme energy.

It will be an opportunity to:

  • Systematically raise awareness about fracking & extreme energy to communities at risk in Somersetwe will be distributing 50,000 leaflets across towns & villages in the PEDL licensed areas
  • Create a wide variety of opportunities for participation and action to anyone moved by the literature and outreach activities & the thought of fracking taking place locally – see the list of actions below
  • To generate momentum for the campaign in 2013 and significantly increase planning application response capacity across the county e.g. starting more local groups, increasing the number of newsletter sign ups and so forth, when applications are submitted, we can best respond and support each other across the county.WAYS TO GET INVOLVED
    • Organise a public meeting or event in your town or village – email us & we can support with any aspect, whether that’s graphic design, providing speakers or helping with the costs of hall hire
    • Help us doordrop over 50,000 leaflets
    • Got skills to share? Offer to lead, or participate in a workshop
    • Get postering! Help us get posters up in every local shop in Somerset
    • Ask your local groups to sign up to the coalition, we have a target of at least 50 new groups joining the coalition in February
    • Help us make this happen – Donate!

    For any of the above, please email

Coalbed Methane vs Renewable Energy in Keynsham

 Coalbed Methane VS Renewable Energy

 Tuesday 23rd October – Royal British Legion, Keynsham

 Transition Keynsham, Saltford Environment Group & Frack Free Somerset organised this public talk and discussion in response to the proposed planning application by UK Methane to test drill and assess the viability for Coalbed Methane extraction in Keynsham.

The meeting was open to all residents to hear about the application and potential environmental, social and economic effects of the extraction of coalbed methane. The meeting also raised awareness of alternative and viable energy options for Keynsham, so that the community is empowered to make informed choices about what energy option they choose. After the presentations there was time for some questions from the audience. The meeting was attended by around 100 residents who were very concerned about the application.

Please see below videos of each of the presentations from the evening. We advise that you watch the videos alongside the slideshows that accompanied each of the presentations, as the images on the screen are impossible to make out on the videos.

Coalbed Methane VS Renewable Energy — The people of Keynsham – You decide!

Report from ‘The Post’ on the meeting

Part 1 – Sam Willits reads the minutes of the meeting that took place between Transition Keynsham & UK Methane‘s geologist Mr Oliver Taylor and director Mr Gerwyn Williams.

We had requested to use UK Methane’s presentation slides but they refused on the grounds of commercially sensitive material in the slideshow.

>>Transition Keynsham meets UK Methane Slideshow Presentation<<

Part 2a – Laura Corfield presents the concerns and threats of Coalbed Methane & Fracking and what it could mean for our community in Keynsham and across the Somerset region.

Part 2b

>>Coalbed Methane & Fracking – Concerns and Threats Slideshow <<

Part 3 – The Sky is Pink documentary by Josh Fox (creator of Gasland). Focusing on the false trust we have in ‘concrete’ as the material that will stop the contamination of our water sources and also the use of marketing and media by the oil and gas industry to make the sky pink and believe things are safe when they are not.

Part 4 – Sam Willits & Mark Penny of Transition Keynsham’s Energy Group present viable renewable energy alternatives and opportunities for the Keynsham area. That could produce energy for homes/businesses in Keynsham in a way that makes money for the community as well as not polluting 0ur environment as opposed to the consequences of coalbed methane and fracking.

>>Transition Keynsham Energy Group’s Renewable Alternatives & Opportunities Slideshow<<

Part 5 – Nicholas Stubbs presents Hinton Organic’s plans for an anaerobic digestor at their site at the top of Keynsham. Their digester will take organic material and use anaerobic digestion to create heat, gas that could be used to heat and power homes and businesses whilst also producing fertile compost for our farmland.

>>Hinton Organic’s Anaerobic Digester Presentation<<

Part 6 – Dave Laming from the River Avon Corridor Group talks about their plans to regenerate the River Avon, opening the river back up as a means of low-impact transport for people and materials, the production of renewable energy and a whole host of other social enterprise opportunities. Unfortunately our video camera battery died just before Dave finished his speech – which is a real shame as he ended on a very inspirational note!

What the Frack?!

There has been lots of coverage lately about Fracking* and the feasibility of test drill sites not just in the Mendips area but also very close to Keynsham and Midsomer Norton.
Transition Keynsham feels this is something we should all be very concerned about as it could have serious, dangerous polluting consequences for our air and water supplies as well as continued reliance of fossil fuels (especially in the light of the Chancellor’s latest announcements about investing in infrastructure to ‘boost the economy’). This is easily the sort of project that could get swept along as a “solution”.
*Controversial process for extracting shale gas and coal bed methane by forcing huge quantities of a water, chemicals and silica sand freely into the ground.

How to support the No Frack campaign 

*Get informed about Fracking. Visit links on Ribble Estuary Against Fracking (REAF) website.
*Keep us informed about anything you hear relating to Fracking, especially if it is related to Fracking locally.
*Watch Countryfile. It’s is covering Fracking in the Mendips during their next show (Sunday 4th Dec, 6.25pm, BBC one, also available to watch for 7 days after on BBC i-player).
*Sign and Share the No Frack petition:  
*Watch Gasland the movie: “When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for drilling, he embarks on a cross-country odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination.” You can borrow the DVD, we can put on a film showing for your group, you can even come round my house to watch it!
*Visit and share the No Frack Website:
*Dance along to the anti-fracking songs.
*Encourage BANES council’s standpoint

Say NO to Fracking!