Dig in Downfields, Sat 29th June 2pm

On saturday the 29th June we will be heading to the Downfields patch for a spot of weeding.  If you would like to join us please meet us there at 2pm with tools.  You can find the Downfield patch near Staple Grove, BS31 2HD for more information please email keynshamt@yahoo.co.uk



Pollinator surveyors needed!

 Beautiful……and not just beautiful but productive too! Increasing the numbers of pollinators and biodiversity in Keynsham. The wildflowers were planted as part of the  RHS  ‘In Bloom’ celebration to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Almost 20,000sq m of wildflower meadows were sown over the weekend 14 – 15 April across the country, marking the start of National Gardening Week and the launch of Britain in Bloom.

A Buglife/ RHS Pollinator Survey is now available online and they are asking people to take part now the flowers are in full bloom for the summer. The survey can be completed any time between now and the middle of September.

 The Pollinator Survey only takes 15 minutes to complete and your results will be used to help Buglife with important pollinator conservation work. We are asking groups to spend a short time watching and recording the different insect pollinators that visit your ‘Wild about Wildflowers’ cornfield annuals; corn poppy, corn marigold, corn chamomile, corn cockle and cornflower.

THANK YOU and have fun!

Music Festival

Thank you to all of you who came and visited the Transition Keynsham stall at the Keynsham Music Festival.

Congratulations to Claire Hudson who won our Good Food Raffle, which was full to the brim with delicious homemade and homegrown treats as well as some additional fairtrade luxuries :-).

 We sold over a 100 fresh strawberry and banana smoothies whipped up on the bicycle-powered smoothie maker. Mr Buss from Buss’s greengrocer gave us a great deal on the fruit but we still only managed to break into a grand £1.70 profit. Not the most lucrative fundraising effort but still lots of good fun!

We were even joined by Orinoco the womble to promote the R3 group’s new Keynsham Wombles project. There was lots of interest with people taking a flyer and asking how they could join the community litterpicking network.

the Good Food web-project

The Good Food Creative Web-project
In Nov 2011 we hosted a public event ‘Who feeds Keynsham’ to explore ideas around how to make our local food systems more resilient.

Ideas collected at the event suggest that there is a need in Keynsham for:- 1) more education about the issues surrounding good food (climate change, peak oil, health, big business etc) and 2) more signposting/awareness around good foody things happening in Keynsham (e.g. locally produced food, markets, community gardens etc).

*To create an online web(site/page) etc to;

*Introduce and raise awareness of issues affecting the resilience of our food systems and pose the question ‘what is good food’?

*Celebrate and signpost to all the foody things happening in Keynsham; markets/community projects etc and have a directory of how to find good food locally.

*The web-project could be a combination of text, illustrations, poetry and video/sound interviews with local people involved in local food (such as children from Castle School’s tuck shop, Keynsham’s Girl Guides growing patch, Steve from the Severn Project and Anne Bone from the farmers market etc).


This will hopefully make the web-project an interesting thing to read and explore. And people will feel more empowered to make their own decisions about ‘good food’ by understanding the reasons behind what makes food ‘good’ and how they can support their food systems locally in Keynsham.

Contributions needed for project;
-Web design
-Text / writers
-Interviews with local bods involved in food, either video or just sound

 This is a joint project with Keynsham’s Creative Enterprise Hub.
We are holding an Open meeting for anyone who is interested on;
Monday 23rd April – 10.00am-11.00am – 20 Winscombe Close, BS31 2HR (there will be cake!)
If you are interested but unable to make the meeting please get in touch and we shall add you to our email list to keep you in the loop.

Wellsway Wildflowers

The cornfield annual wildflower seeds have been sown! With the right kind of April sunshine and showers to germinate the seeds before the wind blows them away or the birds eat them we and the bees should be enjoying a lovely sight on the Wellsway Triangle this summer.

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped with this – I hope we will see lots more bee-friendly plants growing everywhere soon.

Wildflower Patch @ the Wellsway Triangle

We made a brilliant start preparing the Wellsway Triangle on Sunday. About a dozen hearty people dug up and took away more than half the turf. We were helped by some lovely people who live in a house overlooking the patch who carried bags, ferried loads to Pixash Lane with their car and trailer and brought out teas and coffees.

Some of the turf has been re-homed in people’s gardens, the rest taken to the recycling depot. We’ve left signs and bunting explaining what we are doing and during the next week we will complete the preparation by removing the rest of the turf and raking the soil. Those of us with with a little spare time in the coming week will work on the patch, culminating in a last working party next Sunday.

A huge Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on Sunday – it was wonderful to see the transformation we are making together. It was also very heartening to have the support of passersby who were interested in what we were doing as well as that of Dawn Drury and Gill Hellier from the Town Council who were both there joining in.

If you would like to help, then please go along to the patch with your spade or get in touch with TK to find out more.

The last stage will be the sowing of the wildflower seed on

Sunday 15 April – do come along.

Who feeds Keynsham?

Who Feeds Keynsham     Nov 30th

We had almost 50 people in attendance at our Who Feeds Keynsham event on 30th Nov. It was a wonderfully diverse collection of people all coming together to talk about the resilience of our local food systems. We were lucky enough to have Joy Carey as guest speaker, Joy gave a presentation on her report “Who feeds Bristol?” as an introduction to the evening before we broke off into smaller groups to discuss ‘what we can do in Keynsham to increase the resilience of our local food systems’.

Please CLICK HERE to read the minutes from the evening.

TK’s food group will be talking about how to take forward some of the ideas from the event at our next food group meeting: 11th Jan 2012, 7.30pm (please contact us for venue, as it is at someone’s home).

If you would like to join us we’d be very happy to see you!

Launch of the Fruit Tree Map

We have launched our local fruit & nut tree map!

Please visit this LINK to see the map.

We hope to build on this map over the next year to start mapping all of the private and public fruit trees that are available in Keynsham for harvesting.
People have kindly started to offer up their own private fruit trees. If people wish to harvest the fruit they must arrange an appointment to visit first.
If you know of a fruit or nut tree please get in contact with us by emailing keynshamt@yahoo.co.uk.
Please include; address, whether the tree is private or public, owner contact details and details about the fruit (variety/when the fruit is ready etc).
Why are we doing this?
“The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have” – Leonard Nimoy
Those of us lucky enough to own fruit trees know that finding inventive ways to use all that fruit can sometimes feel like a burden and those of us not blessed with our own fruit know how frustrating it is to have to buy fruit when you can see piles of it rotting on someone’s lawn.
Next year we hope to have more of a collective preserving effort with community apple pressing days, fruit swaps, collective harvesting & distribution & jam and chutney making workshops.
So…..knowing where the fruit can be found is the first step in this dream!
(There seems to be a small technical hitch with the google map facility at the moment – the locations are not showing up on the map! However the trees are still listed on the left handside and we hope to have this problem sorted shortly)