New yoga classes in Keynsham

We’ve been given the exiting news that we may soon have a new yoga teacher in town.

Sandhaya is currently looking into venues and times in the area. If your interested in finding out more you can contact her on: Alternatively you can keep an eye on her website:




Young families wanted to join the Keynsham Caterpillar Group

The Keynsham Caterpillar Group is a community group run on a voluntary basis under the umbrella of Transition Keynsham. It is aimed at local families with young children (0-8 years old) who would like to share their experiences about the trials and tribulations of green(er) parenting, or who would like to get in touch with like minded people to help set up initiatives and events!

The Group aims at:

  • Promoting a positive approach to eco-friendly parenting by sharing experiences and setting up local initiatives within the community
  • Teaching our children about the natural environment and how we can minimise our impact on it by organising events and activities
  • Taking positive action against the commercialisation of childhood by setting up exchange and share initiatives
  • Reducing waste by promoting moderation for traditionally wasteful events such as Christmas and birthdays

I am seeking group members to help set up and run events and initiatives! If you are interested in helping get this exciting group moving please email Monica on

You don’t have to commit to the group on a full time basis – we’re all busy people! – but if you can help out with a brilliant idea, or set up an event, or provide support in any way you can you’re very welcome!

Once we get enough people interested we can get together and start organising fabulous initiatives.

Suggestions of Caterpillar events and initiatives we could run to reach our aims

Activities for the half term and holidays

It is sad that sometimes we find there’s not much to do with young children in Keynsham during the school holidays, so why not set up our own events?

  • Mini-foraging classes, Outings to local City Farms, Walks in the woods, Yogabugs sessions, Mini Wombling sessions, Planting in community plots, the list of fun eco awareness activities we can organise can be endless!

Party Share

  • Birthday parties have become big and expensive, and children as little as 3 will easily demand professional entertainers and party bags full of plastic tat. I believe this is wrong, please tell me I’m not alone!
  • The idea of the Party Share is to offer something good you wish to share and lend out to participating families – handmade bunting / decorations, cake making equipment, small tables/chairs, trampolines, fancy dress, a skill to teach or share with the children (juggling, storytelling, singing, face painting?), etc
  • This way good quality equipment and supplies can be shared, minimising costs and waste for participating families, and reviving the dying art of throwing a fantastic home party
  • If you can bake amazing cakes why not run a baking class to teach the rest of us how to do it?
  • If there are no existing resources amongst us we can always find ways to raise funds to build up the stock with shiny new stuff, or make things from scratch!

Caterpillar Toy Library

  • Setting up a toy library can free up space in your home, and children in the group can share their friends’ toys by borrowing them on a weekly or fortnightly basis
  • The library can be set up offering existing toys to loan to group members, or can be built up by organising fundraising and donations
  • A shared toy library would strengthen children’s community and social skills. It would be their opportunity to learn that sharing new and different toys on a short term basis is more fun than owning many toys that end up forgotten in a pile

 If you are interested in joining the group or to help set up any of the initiatives above please contact Monica on

Transition Themed Free Trees

How forward thinking of the Woodland Trust

Some very Transition minded tree planting themes!

It is offering community groups, youth groups and schools the chance to apply for packs of free trees for delivery in Autumn 2013. 
They have 1,250 tree packs to give away, available in three sizes 30 saplings, 105 saplings and 420 saplings in various themes:
wildlife, wild harvest, year-round colour, furture firewood and wetland. 
Applications will be open in January 2013.  Apply on line

community connections

Yin – Yang – A note from a Keynsham Transitioner
My car broke down this morning and I had to get the AA out, I had to have a new part and was a little annoyed as I haven’t budgeted for that.
While I was paying I got chatting to the chap about the news this morning of how much food is wasted, he was saying how frustrated he feels about people being wasteful, not only in the act of throwing it away but the fuel to produce it. I asked if he had heard of transition and he hadn’t, but is now very interested and will be looking to find his local group…. I now feel that my new part is money well spent!