Public Toilets in the Park to be reduced and Charged for


Plans are afoot to reduce the facilities to just two units – one a uni-sex (all age) and the other for disabled and nappy changing. There will be no men’s urinals.

Also there will be cost of 20p to use the toilets.

A few objections have already been posted to the planning office and can be seen at the link below.

We only have until 15th of May to object, so please use the link below to to do so – it’s easy.


3 thoughts on “Public Toilets in the Park to be reduced and Charged for

  1. Anyone who uses lovely Keynsham Park knows that this new plan for the public toilets will be disastrous. Lets make sure that the Planning Dept knows how strongly many many people here feel about this and ensure there is a re-think with some consultation from the people who actually use the park, not just the company that has the contract to run the facility.

  2. Another Ill judged move to save money by the council. They love moving this stuff on so it’s someone else problem. How about spending all these so called savings you’ll make on your nice new sparkling huge building on something the people actually want! Do I have to mention the vast sums spent on a 20mph that is an enormous failure.

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