the Good Food web-project

The Good Food Creative Web-project
In Nov 2011 we hosted a public event ‘Who feeds Keynsham’ to explore ideas around how to make our local food systems more resilient.

Ideas collected at the event suggest that there is a need in Keynsham for:- 1) more education about the issues surrounding good food (climate change, peak oil, health, big business etc) and 2) more signposting/awareness around good foody things happening in Keynsham (e.g. locally produced food, markets, community gardens etc).

*To create an online web(site/page) etc to;

*Introduce and raise awareness of issues affecting the resilience of our food systems and pose the question ‘what is good food’?

*Celebrate and signpost to all the foody things happening in Keynsham; markets/community projects etc and have a directory of how to find good food locally.

*The web-project could be a combination of text, illustrations, poetry and video/sound interviews with local people involved in local food (such as children from Castle School’s tuck shop, Keynsham’s Girl Guides growing patch, Steve from the Severn Project and Anne Bone from the farmers market etc).


This will hopefully make the web-project an interesting thing to read and explore. And people will feel more empowered to make their own decisions about ‘good food’ by understanding the reasons behind what makes food ‘good’ and how they can support their food systems locally in Keynsham.

Contributions needed for project;
-Web design
-Text / writers
-Interviews with local bods involved in food, either video or just sound

 This is a joint project with Keynsham’s Creative Enterprise Hub.
We are holding an Open meeting for anyone who is interested on;
Monday 23rd April – 10.00am-11.00am – 20 Winscombe Close, BS31 2HR (there will be cake!)
If you are interested but unable to make the meeting please get in touch and we shall add you to our email list to keep you in the loop.

2 thoughts on “the Good Food web-project

  1. Hello 🙂
    We will be unable to make the meeting but are interested in this project so would like to be kept in the loop via email please. (

    Although not in Keynsham, we can really recommend the Manor Farm Shop in Upton Chaney (open Fri/Sat/Sun 10-5) as a great local grower and seller of organic meat and veg!

    I may be able to help with writing if needed.

    Best wishes,
    Mo Kendall & Rob Desbois

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