Wildflower Patch @ the Wellsway Triangle

We made a brilliant start preparing the Wellsway Triangle on Sunday. About a dozen hearty people dug up and took away more than half the turf. We were helped by some lovely people who live in a house overlooking the patch who carried bags, ferried loads to Pixash Lane with their car and trailer and brought out teas and coffees.

Some of the turf has been re-homed in people’s gardens, the rest taken to the recycling depot. We’ve left signs and bunting explaining what we are doing and during the next week we will complete the preparation by removing the rest of the turf and raking the soil. Those of us with with a little spare time in the coming week will work on the patch, culminating in a last working party next Sunday.

A huge Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on Sunday – it was wonderful to see the transformation we are making together. It was also very heartening to have the support of passersby who were interested in what we were doing as well as that of Dawn Drury and Gill Hellier from the Town Council who were both there joining in.

If you would like to help, then please go along to the patch with your spade or get in touch with TK to find out more.

The last stage will be the sowing of the wildflower seed on

Sunday 15 April – do come along.