Who feeds Keynsham?

Who Feeds Keynsham     Nov 30th

We had almost 50 people in attendance at our Who Feeds Keynsham event on 30th Nov. It was a wonderfully diverse collection of people all coming together to talk about the resilience of our local food systems. We were lucky enough to have Joy Carey as guest speaker, Joy gave a presentation on her report “Who feeds Bristol?” as an introduction to the evening before we broke off into smaller groups to discuss ‘what we can do in Keynsham to increase the resilience of our local food systems’.

Please CLICK HERE to read the minutes from the evening.

TK’s food group will be talking about how to take forward some of the ideas from the event at our next food group meeting: 11th Jan 2012, 7.30pm (please contact us for venue, as it is at someone’s home).

If you would like to join us we’d be very happy to see you!

What the Frack?!

There has been lots of coverage lately about Fracking* and the feasibility of test drill sites not just in the Mendips area but also very close to Keynsham and Midsomer Norton.
Transition Keynsham feels this is something we should all be very concerned about as it could have serious, dangerous polluting consequences for our air and water supplies as well as continued reliance of fossil fuels (especially in the light of the Chancellor’s latest announcements about investing in infrastructure to ‘boost the economy’). This is easily the sort of project that could get swept along as a “solution”.
*Controversial process for extracting shale gas and coal bed methane by forcing huge quantities of a water, chemicals and silica sand freely into the ground.

How to support the No Frack campaign 

*Get informed about Fracking. Visit links on Ribble Estuary Against Fracking (REAF) website.
*Keep us informed about anything you hear relating to Fracking, especially if it is related to Fracking locally.
*Watch Countryfile. It’s is covering Fracking in the Mendips during their next show (Sunday 4th Dec, 6.25pm, BBC one, also available to watch for 7 days after on BBC i-player).
*Sign and Share the No Frack petition: http://nofrackinguk.com/?page_id=2  
*Watch Gasland the movie: “When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for drilling, he embarks on a cross-country odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination.” You can borrow the DVD, we can put on a film showing for your group, you can even come round my house to watch it!
*Visit and share the No Frack Website: www.nofrackinguk.com
*Dance along to the anti-fracking songs.
*Encourage BANES council’s standpoint

Say NO to Fracking!