Launch of the Fruit Tree Map

We have launched our local fruit & nut tree map!

Please visit this LINK to see the map.

We hope to build on this map over the next year to start mapping all of the private and public fruit trees that are available in Keynsham for harvesting.
People have kindly started to offer up their own private fruit trees. If people wish to harvest the fruit they must arrange an appointment to visit first.
If you know of a fruit or nut tree please get in contact with us by emailing
Please include; address, whether the tree is private or public, owner contact details and details about the fruit (variety/when the fruit is ready etc).
Why are we doing this?
“The miracle is this – the more we share, the more we have” – Leonard Nimoy
Those of us lucky enough to own fruit trees know that finding inventive ways to use all that fruit can sometimes feel like a burden and those of us not blessed with our own fruit know how frustrating it is to have to buy fruit when you can see piles of it rotting on someone’s lawn.
Next year we hope to have more of a collective preserving effort with community apple pressing days, fruit swaps, collective harvesting & distribution & jam and chutney making workshops.
So…..knowing where the fruit can be found is the first step in this dream!
(There seems to be a small technical hitch with the google map facility at the moment – the locations are not showing up on the map! However the trees are still listed on the left handside and we hope to have this problem sorted shortly)

Local Rubbish Pick


A grand force of litter pickers braved the weather to pick an enormous amount of litter from the BMX Skate Park and surrounding area. It was clear that some of the young people who use the skate park had and fly tippers had merrily been dumping their rubbish there for some time. Although it felt incredibly satisfying to have made such a difference in such a short space of time it was also a bit frustrating to think it might return to its original state. If anyone has any ideas of creative ways to challenge our culture of littering please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

This truck is stuffed full to bursting with the rubbish we collected – the council workers were seriously impressed!