Clock Tower Veg Patch

Blooming marvelous!

At the June’s farmers market TK, The Severn Project & Victoria from WINGS (next generation WI) all got together and planted up the empty flower bed by the clocktower with edible herbs, tomatoes, various salads and an artichoke! It was a real community effort, with the veg collective agreeing to help maintain it afterwards – including the ladies at the Clocktower Café who have said they will help water it and keep an eye out. We hope the plot will inspire people to think more about local food and take steps to supporting our local food systems. To help people understand the connection we have adorned the patch with carrot signs explaining the benefits of supporting local food links to them, the producers and the community at large. The stall holders at the farmers market came to have a look and thought the patch was a really good idea, as did many others.

It was great to be able to involve The Severn Project (local salad producers and much more!). Their site at the end of Durely Ln is well worth a visit (by appointment only) as they have achieved so many great things in such a short space of time. They hope to expand their small holding in the future as well as setting up new sites elsewhere in Bristol.

Soon we hope their salads will be on sale at the Keynsham country/farmers markets. Keep an eye out!

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