Local Rubbish Pick – let’s make Keynsham beautiful

Having recently seen the film ‘Message in the Waves’ at a Transition Keynsham film showing I have started picking up what rubbish I can whilst I’m out walking my dog in and around Keynsham.  However, I’ve realised there is so much rubbish in some areas around Keynsham that I can’t do it alone and that I need help!

An area which is particularly bad is the river either side of the Lock Keeper pub – I know it is not strictly within Keynsham, but it is an area which a lot of Keynsham people use for walking etc and which would be beautiful if it wasn’t so spoilt.

If you would like to help please join me in the gravel car park just off the road to Willsbridge by the Lock Keeper between 11 and 1pm on Sunday, 23 January – please bring your own bags, gloves and any other equipment you think you might need.  I will have a car so can take the bags to the tip afterwards.  Depending on how many people come we can split up and cover different areas.

As is the way of the world now a days, neither Transition Keynsham nor myself can take any responsibility for your safety if you choose to come and help, please assess any danger to yourself before picking up any piece of rubbish and don’t put yourself in danger.

If you can email me at ericaisbrill@gmail.com to give me an idea of numbers that would be really helpful.

I hope you can help.

Best wishes