School Garden Workday

 Although it was a drizzly grey morning spirits were high on the playground of Castle County Primary School on Saturday 20th November. A group of teachers, parents, children and Transition Keynsham volunteers came together to tidy up the vegetable gardens ready for the spring. We weeded, mulched beds with waste cardboard from Buses the grocers, harvested turnips, planted broad beans, peas and winter greens including the tongue twisting Mibuna and Mizuna crop underneath their protective cloche and more.

The Transition Keynsham food group are delighted to be able to join forces with the teachers and parents at the school to help educate children about fruit and vegetable gardening. We were incredibly impressed with what the school has achieved so far with their gardens, composting systems for the children’s fruit which they but from the healthy tuck shop that the children run themselves and planting of their new fruit trees. We are hoping to continue with regular work-days, help to plan and implement the gardens, plant more trees and get a large scale wormery system up and running to make use of the veg waste made by the school kitchen.   

If you would like to get involved with the school growing project or you would like to be part of our Transition Food Group (next meeting 11th January 2011) please get in contact: or 07970737760.


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