Seasonal Evening of Merriment

On Friday 3rd Dec Transition Keynsham and Oxfam Co-hosted a 

 *Seasonal Evening of Merriment*

An evening of storytelling, poetry reading, acoustic music, joke telling, raffling, food sharing, craft buying and tree wishing – a great time was had by all!

We raised £130 which was split between Transition and Oxfam and so will go to help both locally and abroad 🙂

During the evening we also invited people to visit our tree of good intentions and add a leaf – here is a selection of good intentions leaves;

“Get my Golden Duke of Edinburgh Award at air cadets”   “I will meet more of my neighbours”   “My good intention is to continue to care for as many people as I can and make one person smile each day”   “I want to feel content”   “Learn to play guitar”   “”Enjoy my retirment and make good use of my time”   “Be more optomistic”   “Be kinder”    “Smile more at people I don’t know”    “Be more helpful”    “Don’t get as many detentions as last year”

*Please feel free to add to our good intentions by using the comment feature below*

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